Fit, suntanned and full of energy

Do you want to go on a holiday and come back home fit, bronzed and full of energy?
Then join us on our yogacruise. This might be the perfect yoga vacation for you!

A unique yoga holiday where you will enjoy a yoga class twice every day,
one in the morning and one in the beginning of the evening.

Each lesson takes place at a very special location, which we have chosen for you.
Places with amazing views and where you still in privacy can take a yoga class. But also on the sundeck of the ship or on the beach.

Catch up the summer sun rays and optimize your vitamin D levels:)

You will be surrounded by nature and you can enjoy the best views.
And every day you sail across the turquoise blue sea to the most beautiful places

Sun + Sea + Sailing and Yoga !


As you know, yoga is a doctrine from India that teaches us how meditation, breathing exercises and concentration can relax your body and mind.

Yoga means union. It is about uniting consciousness.
Through intensive exercises you become more aware of what is happening in your body.
You learn to listen to your body and you will learn where your boundaries are.

Inner strength

Through the exercises you will be able to release tension(s) and relax more easily afterwards.

The relaxation after yoga will give you a fit feeling and will increase inner strength.
There are many types of yoga. It is important to choose the right form of
yoga that suits you.

Unique yoga holiday in Turkey and Greece – Pure enjoyment!

Watch the movie full screen, it’s in HD!

Perfect combination:  Yoga  &  holiday

A lovely wake up in the morning with a intensive yoga lesson. After the yoga class you will enjoy a rich breakfast, followed by a refreshing swim.
we will hoist the sails for a perfect sailing trip.

Being arrived at the next beautiful place, you will have the whole afternoon for snorkeling, swimming, hiking in the beautiful surroundings or just reading a book.

Sunset drinks

At the end of the afternoon you can join a “restorative” yoga lesson.
Yin Yoga: Restoring the body through deep rest in different positions.

After this lesson it is time to refresh yourself with a nice drink looking at the sunset.
The evening will end with a healthy Mediterranean dinner.
And after dinner it is time to relax and fall asleep under a blanket of millions of stars.

Improving performance

through relaxation